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I am not trying to induce pity for me here but I am kind of lost in life right now.  As a 24 year old, I still live at home with my Mother.  Nowadays I am usually working.  I keep up as best as I can on my Ebay selling, straightening up around the house, or one of my two jobs.  I am mostly a plumber's helper (which I am still new at) and a driver for Enterprise at least one day a week.

I got the Enterprise driving job a few months after I quit my job at a sign manufacturer and the plumber's helper job in May of this year.  I like both jobs because I like the people I work with, I am never in the same spot, and I never know what I will find down the road.  I do not get paid a whole lot at both jobs but it covers my bills and whatever I desire.  They are certainly better than my previous job as mostly a Paint Preparation Associate which was mostly a series of degrading over my little mistakes, some misunderstandings, and things that were not my fault.

One of the supervisors who did this was like being my Mother.  Can be nice but other times, one little mistake or mishap that sometimes was not my fault resulted in the degrading.  The only difference is the boss did not get physical with me and I am glad he did not.  I said nothing to his superiors because I was brainwashed by most into thinking that he was indestructible.  I was very glad to hear sometime after I left he got fired.

Anyway, although I do like my new lines of work it apparently is not good enough.  I have a second cousin (keep in my he is on disability for Bipolar and a few other little things and does not work at all) who's wife's job had an opening which paid $13 an hour plus benefits.  I did not want to take it because it was in a warehouse and by comparison I felt the job as a plumber's helper would benefit me more.  My cousin started raising his voice at my telling me I should not be doing "that old man job" (in reference to Enterprise).  He calls me now he brings up about how he is scared for me because I am not getting any younger, Mom is not going to be alive forever, and he does not want me being a laborer all my life.  He also sometimes brings up my old job and he does not know why I quit it.  I know that some people are not happy with their line of work so why should I not be able to take my time and find one that works at least decent for me?

I know he is concerned for me but will my future be no good like he implies?  I know I am not getting any younger and I really do not want to thinking of my Mother dying because it just reminds me of previous losses.  When I am playing a video game or out with my friends I feel like I do not deserve to have fun because I am not working the $18 an hour job with benefits like he said is required to live.  Some others outside of the family have basically told me the same thing.

I did take a computer repair course at the community college over the summer two years ago to get certified but I never followed up on it.  I did not think computer repair work was for me and I used the money from working to put back in the education system to I felt that was a decent donation at least.  I do what I do because I feel that it is right for me for now at least.  I think right now I may be on the right track and I think I need to stand up for myself.

What do you think?


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S.J. Reed
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